Nanotechnology and Textile Lab

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing research area based on manipulating matter at the nanoscale. This technology enables the utilization of nanomaterials and provides sustainable solutions for real-life challenges. Modification of the textile surface by nanomaterials coating can open up new opportunities for multifunctional textiles.


The Nano-Technology and Textiles Lab revives traditional Qatari garments with increased functionality in extreme summer climates. This initiative incorporates cutting-edge research and nanotechnology with textile manufacturing and currently relevant fashion design. Developing new approaches for enhancing textile materials performance by coating the existing textile fiber with nanoparticles will greatly benefit Qatar in the production of clean and functional fibers from biodegradable polymers and recycling of old materials for different applications as well as the production of nanofibers and a composite in clothing, medical, military applicants, and environmental protection.


The lab focuses on developing nanomaterials for textile coating to provide -specific functionality due to their unique properties and potential applications. The research takes an interdisciplinary approach of combining nanomaterials and polymers with proper solvents and binders to formulate coating that is applied onto textile surfaces that serves as self-cleaning, UV absorption, thermal insulation, sensing, photocatalytic, and anti-bacterial coatings

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