As VCUarts Qatar’s inaugural participation in the ARS Electronica Campus Exhibition, Meta-Functions of Cultural Production features a selection of 10 works produced by undergraduate and graduate students and student-faculty collaborations in the Nanotechnology and Textiles Lab, TypeAraby, and xLab. Reflective of the diverse creative and cultural ecosystems of Qatar and the larger SWANA region, this exhibition presents a multi-faceted exploration into the meta-functionality of cultural production and preservation.

Unpacking complex issues and challenges through critical insights and new perspectives, the selected works invite visitors to explore and unpack meaning through cultural forms and contexts existing within systems of communication, behavior, and interaction. Meta-Functions of Cultural Production includes a selection of works exploring Arabic typographic forms, nanotechnology for increased functionality in textiles, generative processes translating pattern to sound, usages of AI datasets for blind contour drawings, prototyping for responsive architecture, and visual explorations in cultural conceptions of place.

To learn more about the work exhibited, check out the exhibition catalog here!


September 6 – 10, 2023

Post-City, Linz, Austria