xLab is an anti-hierarchical and extra-disciplinary research and development entity with the goal of creating design tools and artifacts that converge art, design, and the sciences through technology, computation, and craft. The Lab explores the historic trend of mechanical reduction in typographic form toward a paradigm of multilingual unification based on the formal principles of Latin script.


Xlab (studio for) {new = making + computation} conducts research converging art → culture ← science. Xlab operates as an agile studio incl. artists + designers + technologists, developing systems, machines & artifacts that integrate computation w/ craft. Works range from electronic art → curricula → theory → typefaces → fabrication techniques → hardware & software-based tools to extend creative practice. Xlab’s mission = advancing the discourse b/w culture ⇄ technology in the region.

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We collaborate with researchers, government entities, profit and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that share that vision. We actively seek partnerships and value synergetic contributions to our creative community.