Our Art Law Lab will hold a panel discussion on Sunday, October 16, from 12:30PM to 1:45PM, titled, “Cultural Heritage Protection.” 

It will take place at the Atrium at VCUarts Qatar. The talk is part of the Art Law Lab’s Dialogues Series. 

The aims of the talk are to identify best practices in safeguarding and promoting heritage, and to understand the challenges related to the illicit trafficking of artifacts, manuscripts, and antiquities. 

The panelists will be Amr Al Azm, Professor and Coordinator of the Gulf Studies Program at Qatar University; Jennifer Bishop, Head of Research and Library, General Collections at Qatar Museums; Stéphane Ipert, Director of Distinctive Collections at the Heritage Library at Qatar National Library; and Rasul Samadov, UNESCO.

The panelists will discuss perceptions of applicable legal frameworks related to the preservation, authentication, provenance, and illicit movements of artworks and heritage from the perspectives of curators, conservators, archaeologists, and museum and library experts. 

They are especially interested in understanding the linkages between these critical issues and the approaches experts have taken to implement in Qatar both the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Illicit trafficking and the 1972 World Heritage Convention.

The Dialogues Series is a public forum to facilitate open discussion. Audience members are welcome to join the conversation with the panelists.