VCUarts Qatar students and faculty will be participating in this year’s Festival X in Dubai, UAE that will take place from the 6th – 8th October 2023.

Festival X is an interdisciplinary platform intersecting Arts, Science, and Technology to develop a media arts community in Dubai, UAE.

Ars Electronica and Festival X have joined forces to explore this question and find answers through local and international artistic perspectives. The contemporary form of media art, which engages with a society shaped by new technologies and the associated risks and opportunities, is presented. Media artists, in particular, use these very technologies as tools for innovative artistic expression.

The common goal of Ars Electronica and Festival X is to promote a local artistic community through this future-oriented art form. Inspired by the dynamics of the region’s unique circumstances, a distinct dialectic of media art will emerge. A new perspective on art and artists is intended to strengthen identity within the region and build a direct bridge between tradition and modernity through innovative forms of expression.

Stitch by Stitch by Naima Almajdobah (Graduate Student) and Rays of Essence by Hind Al Saad (Graduate Student) and Sara Khalid (Alum), and Fatima Abbas (Alum), Joshua Rodenberg (faculty) and Levi Hammett (faculty).