(IN)›Tangible Lab

The (IN)>Tangible Lab’s aim is to capture and physically translate the vibrantly diverse Intangible Cultural Heritage within Qatar through interdisciplinary lenses. This Research and Design cluster will bring together designers, artists, cultural scholars, scientists, and museum curators from VCU Richmond, partner institutions within Education City as well as relevant external collaborators and researchers. We are particularly interested in identifying traditional local and & ecological wisdom to contribute to supporting sustainable energy and environments and optimizing health for a just and equitable society. We are invested in applying creativity for social sustainability.


Intangible heritage has often been described as a critical force behind cultural diversity. Article 2 of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage describes intangible cultural heritage as “the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, and skills handed down from generation to generation.” This knowledge is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and its history, and provides communities with a sense of identity and continuity, promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.

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We collaborate with researchers, government entities, profit and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that share that vision. We actively seek partnerships and value synergetic contributions to our creative community.