Anthro-Tech Atelier

Anthro-Tech Ateliers is a lab operating in the fertile borderland between Social Sciences and Design. The dual aim of the lab is to create objects, productions, and services, as well as to understand underlying sociocultural features, influences, and contexts impacting upon and impacted by these creations. 

We see the designer as a maker of makings. As such, the designer is almost always in a state of exploration, navigating carefully in foreign and exotic societies. He/she is a student and a transformer of the makings of the other. This is true whether:

• the other is a remote tribe, ones own society, or a single individual; or

• the making is an everyday object, strange artifact, or a novel set of technology.

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We collaborate with researchers, government entities, profit and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that share that vision. We actively seek partnerships and value synergetic contributions to our creative community.