The Bokeh Lab

The bokeh Lab is a film production studio that intends to utilize the intersectional facets of film production to tap into design related opportunities. Through the lab’s activities it seeks to forge new collaborations within the growing local and regional film market, strengthen existing ones and contribute to regional visual culture.


The Lab focuses on scriptwriting, directing and producing short films with an Arab context whether by language, location or professional contribution. Film topics will primarily focus on expressions of self reflection in a manner that is inclusive, transcending stereotypical representations and, where possible, bring to the forefront narratives on Arab women.


Locally based independent filmmakers have been given an increased incentive to create new films due to the recent exponential outcrop of regional film festivals as well as expanding international and regional interest in Arab films. However, given the context of regional production houses catering for predominantly commercial work, filmmakers are given very limited avenues of structured support for exploratory and creative pursuits. Furthermore, when local production houses do offer support, whether financial or in kind, issues of rights and ownership are primarily tied with percentages of financial and professional contribution, thus placing creative control in the hands of the production companies.

 The bokeh Lab would create the opportunity to have creative autonomy, facilitate exploration and develop a more equitable relationship between film creatives and the industry partners

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We collaborate with researchers, government entities, profit and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that share that vision. We actively seek partnerships and value synergetic contributions to our creative community.